Hi! I’m Jenn. Thanks for stopping by.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been called impossible more than any other word in my entire life. The sort of person you look at sideways and say “You’re a real piece of work.” When I really stop to think about it, it makes sense. I’m not a bitch. I mean, I CAN be a bitch, but I’m not one in the general sense. One of those girls who sort of sucks the soul right out of you with red lips curled over shiny white incisors. I’m not a MEAN person. In fact, I’m really the sort of person one loves instantly. I can charm a room and the pants off anyone in it with pretty minimal effort. I’m sweet, smart, funny and I have this sort of giant, sincere smile that makes people feel like they can tell me their life story at the grocery store. So why is it that everyone, really truly (working real hard to avoid using the word literally right now) EVERYONE I’ve ever known has thrown “YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE” at me at some point in our relationship?

Each week this blog will talk about one of the important arts a person must master in order to become impossible. They aren’t all easy, but if you stick with them long enough, you too can know the joys of being a total pain in the ass.